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Prosilient Minds.


Are You Ready for Change?


Adjective. Eminent; prominent; distinguished above others.
​Present participle of prōsilīre to leap forth from.


What is a Prosilient Mind?

Prosilient Minds are aware, attuned, compassionate, responsive. When we live and lead this way, we go beyond bouncing back to leaping forward. And we help other people do the same.


When  we become proactive about the inevitability of change and uncertainty, we can look for opportunities to turn challenges into possibilities and progress.


Under the direction of Dr. Debra Pearce-McCall, we provide focused, expert consulting and coaching for leaders, executives, coaches, healers, creators, changemakers, and anyone who wants to apply the latest discoveries about neuroscience, fascinating minds, and the power of relationship and connection in their everyday work and life. Make the leap!

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Applying the Science of Our Relating Minds & Brains.

Debra Pearce-McCall, PhD, is a Psychologist, Consultant, and “Mind Coach”, who brings the latest understandings of our relating minds and brains into everything she does. She works with leaders, healthcare professionals, coaches, educators, and other folks who want to bring mindful, compassionate presence and applied neuroscience into their lives and their mentoring work with people. Debra loves translating wisdom from the science of being human into everyday experiences and action plans with the goal of creating positive and sustainable change. She’s been active in the cutting-edge field of interpersonal neurobiology for over a decade, and integrates its meta-framework with state of the art tools, including mind-body methods that help strengthen the nervous system and brain, and powerful skill builders, like Conversational Intelligence®

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"Imagine what might become possible for all of us if we consistently applied mindsight and reflective, compassionate, and integrative leadership to ourselves, our relationships, our organizations, and our countries."

                                    --Dan Siegel and Debra Pearce-McCall

       Mindsight at Work

In Brief.

Prosilient Minds provides leadership, life, and relational coaching and consultations for all who mentor (leaders of all kinds, coaches, therapists and other healthcare professionals, educators). The mind is our window to the health of our inner lives and our communication and connection capacities. When we attend to and strengthen our mind skills, our well-being increases in many ways - and we become 'prosilient' - able to not just bounce-back, but to leap forward, meeting difficulties and delights as invitations for growth and expansion.

  • PROSILIENT MINDS happen when we apply the latest discoveries about our brains, our minds, and our relationship capacity and power to our everyday lives.

  • PROSILIENT MINDS develop awareness, intention, reflection, and responsiveness.

  • People with PROSILIENT MINDS are authentic, engaged and impactful.

  • Relating from PROSILIENT MINDS brings deeper connection and communication capacities.


From Dr. Pearce-McCall, PhD

As a psychologist, I have a keen interest in how neuroscience research keeps finding scientific support for our subjective sense that we are connected, in some way, to each other. The relational reality that we are interconnected with all living creatures, and how we inhabit that, is a cornerstone of life on our planet. My life has been devoted to studying, understanding, and working with our minds and relationships. At core, I’m satisfying a lifelong quest about what makes healthy and optimal human systems, from individuals to organizations. My promise to you: When we work together, we will be increasing well-being - personal, relational, organizational, planetary. What might you gain if we work together? You will know how to welcome and walk the spiraling path of integration and emergence, leading your self and those you influence with mindful presence, conversational intelligence, emotional wisdom; harnessing the power of relationship for collective learning and co-creating. You will be Prosilient!

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take the leap!

Contact Debra for more information about Prosilient Minds and the following services:

  • Consulting

  • Coaching

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Customized Programs

Debra helps people infuse their work with science and meaning, applying the lens of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). Some clients choose to work with Debra privately for services including executive coaching, life coaching with a therapeutic edge, or professional consultations for people bringing IPNB into their own work. Groups and organizations also work with Debra as a team or community addressing areas such as leadership development, team building and organizational culture and communication.  Debra's work is tailored to the needs of each specific situation, and she offers a way of understanding our human experience that can have profound ripples in all areas of life. Debra intuitively  and skillfully translates the science of being human into everyday experiences and change-oriented actions in ways that are understandable and immediately useful.

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