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"All of my work with any of these wonderful organizations
​and the humans who co-create them is informed by my trinocular “systems 3.0” perspective, and represent additional ways to share mind shifting information and real-life insightful actions that arise from applying the IPNB framework."



The CreatingWE® Institute researches and studies leadership culture, and brand success and failure. The Institute provides executive coaching, organizational consulting, and more using the powerful methods of Conversational Intelligence®.
Science-informed and field-tested, these methods powerfully impact trust, communication clarity, partnering, and innovation.
Debra Pearce-McCall is a Senior Consultant at the Institute, working with forward-thinking executives and organizations. Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, she has also taught the framework internationally to a network of C-IQ coaching.
Originated by Judith E. Glaser, C-IQ brings work-changing (and sometimes life-changing) conversations to life. Debra encourages all leaders she works with to become conversationally intelligent, because, as Judith said, “Everything happens through conversation.”


Neuro Stroll brings the most current research on successful leadership goal achievement into one fun, memorable program. Combining information from neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, and studies of individual and organizational change, the NeuroStroll™ provides an experiential immersion in how to really enrich the goal attainment process and maximize positive outcomes.




Our brains optimize ‘around campfires’: much as our ancestors envisioned how to keep their progeny safe. To the detriment of our species and planet, industrialized cultures reward individual achievement. Organizations and communities are complex ecosystems: interconnected and interdependent living networks responding to each other and their environment.  


GAINS is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the science, practice, and application of interpersonal neurobiology to promote health and wellbeing. We are an inclusive, international community bringing our understanding of minds, brains, and relationship into healthcare, education, leadership, research, parenting, and more.

Over the years, Dr.McCall has contributed in various roles, including as President, and as an Editor and writer for GAINS’ unique publications. Consider joining GAINS as we bring the IPNB perspective to bear on healing, educating, leading, social justice, climate change, and the immediate need for humans to realize our intrinsic interconnectedness and respond accordingly.

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