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Executive coaching, organizational consulting, and more available utilizing powerhouse approaches of Conversational Intelligence®, and the metaframework of interpersonal neurobiology. Customized presentations, trainings, and workshops can be designed to meet your organization's needs, on topics integrating mind, brain, and relating. Special application areas include mentoring and leadership, everyday and professional ethics, creating a culture of mindful relating and healthy human systems.


For Individuals

Coaching and consultation for leaders, coaches, healers, and all who want to infuse their work with the wisdom of relational neuroscience and mindful presence. 

Through private meetings and group coursework, Dr. Pearce-McCall has helped hundreds of people bring the Systems 3.0 or Interpersonal Neurobiology frame into what they do, how they do it, and who they are when doing it.



1:1 Coaching with a therapeutic edge is offered on a limited basis.


Debra is not taking new clients for private psychotherapy or clinical supervision.


Space is limited; please inquire about availability.


More on this coming soon!


More on this coming soon!

For Teams & Groups

Executive coaching, leadership development, team building, change making, culture shifting.


We will create a customized contract to address your specific needs and interests. Dr. Pearce-McCall works with a wide range of clients, most are creative and progressive businesses, healthcare, human growth and well-being; education, performing arts, technology. No matter their specialty, they are interested in our relating minds and brains and how science informs our best ways of working together.



Contact Dr. McCall to discuss opportunities.

Customized Trainings

More on this coming soon!


More on this coming soon!

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